Lecture at Starting Blocks School

“Thank you Earle from CBISA for the butterfly talk you presented at Starting Blocks Preschool. The level was perfect for the little ones and yet the teachers also learnt something at the same time. The butterfly release afterwards was pure magic, with children and teachers alike in amazement at the beauty of nature.” Sigi Engelbrecht



The International Children’s Festival was established in 2000 with the aim of forming a new nation of talented, educated and friendly children. Representatives from all over the world gather to represent their countries and show their heritage and talents.  Representatives are between the ages of 5 and 14 years old.

Mianel du Plooy will be representing South Africa at the International Children’s Festival of Culture and Arts:  Little Miss & Little Mister United World in Greece September 2017.

In April 2017, Mianel chose Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) as the organisation that she would like to support, not only to raise funds for, but also to show the need for conservation of butterflies in South Africa.

Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) is proud that Mianel has taken the plight of our South Africa butterflies to heart. CBISA is very thankful for the R5135.00 that Mianel has raised in her fundraising efforts.

CBISA wish Mianel all the best in not only her charity work, but also in the competition itself during September. We will be following Mianel’s progress with keen interest.

Earle Whiteley

Founder & Director

Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa

acknowledgements little beauty queen



To whom it may concern.
With this letter of support, QASA (QuadPara Association of South Africa) note the efforts of CBISA
(Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa) to include people with disabilities in their projects,
including providing universal access to the intended Butterfly Sanctuaries to be erected across the
country, as well as creating job opportunities within these Butterfly Sanctuaries for people with
disabilities. QASA fully supports and endorses CBISA and the Butterfly Sanctuaries that they intend to open to the

Ari Seirlis | CEO




I was struggling to identify some butterflies that I use in my art, so I contacted CBISA and was immediately assisted with great optimism. It is so refreshing to come into contact with people who are willing to help so easily purely for the love of butterflies. Not only did they assist in identifying, but sent me more butterfly wings so I can continue to work with it in an ethical manner. This has turned into a long-term relationship. Thanks again CBISA! Looking forward to being a part of your cause.

Lizl & Glo Glassware.












It is with great appreciation that I write this letter. From not knowing where to begin looking for butterflies and beetles, I found Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa on the internet.

From the moment I spoke to Lizanne, she handled my request very professionally. As a picture framer I needed to frame beautifully arranged specimens that they sourced and arranged on matt board. Because they were in Durban and I am in Johannesburg they had to package these delicate specimens for travel. They arrived at their destination professionally boxed and I am happy to say they are framed and now hang on a wall in a Botswana camp.

We have since done more exciting work with CBISA. It just shows one that you can be anywhere in the world and find such a professional supplier that understands ones needs to complete a project.

Janine Bath

Custom Art Framing


I just gave you guys a post on Facebook !!

GOOD SERVICE CANNOT GO UNPUNISHED (PUBLISHED?) Most of my friends know that I am mad about macro, and have posted pics of Butterfly wings taken by experts – and I wanna doit ! Butterfly world down here were most unhelpful, almost rude. So it comes as a pleasant surprise when I got a reply from Lizanne Whiteley of “Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa”, (the South African Butterfly Breeding Association) who was willing to look for some wings to send me, but felt it may not be worth the expense.In my language that is a YES, now we are negotiating.

One thing led to another, and they “APOLOGISED” and asked if I would be prepared to accept some “exotic” wings, as they could not use them.Exotic – WOW.
I made a donation to cover postage, and then some, and now await delivery !!


Joy Wellbeloved




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