Aims and Objectives


Purpose describing the main business

To protect and promote the conservation of butterflies in South Africa.

Main object

To protect and promote the conservation of butterflies in South Africa.

Ancillary objects

For the promotion of the main object, the following are the ancillary objects of the Company;

*To empower its members by providing advice, assistance and support for conserving butterflies and preventing their

*To use every legitimate means to encourage and induce all persons who qualify for membership to become a

*To provide for small, medium and micro support services, amongst members which are demand driven;

*To encourage Garden Services, Municipalities, Garden Clubs, Home Owners and Conservancies to supply host and
feeding plants as an alternative to alien and exotic plants.

*To promote the general welfare of members in respect of any identified projects undertaken;

*To foster a spirit of solidarity, provide opportunities for the exchange of views and ideas, to enable members to
speak with one voice on matters of national, regional and international interests or importance.

*To encourage its members to breed endangered and rare butterfly species, and rehabilitate their habitats for their

*To prevent the unwanted destruction of rare and endangered butterfly species, by assisting development to work
hand in hand with conservation projects.

*To help assist other organizations to develop Lepidomes in which the public can view South African butterfly species,
preventing the unwanted capture of rare and endangered species.

*To assist other organizations in eradicating alien and exotic vegetation that would destroy our indigenous sub-coastal
grasslands, coastal grasslands, savanna, grasslands, mountainous grasslands, montane forests, coastal forests,
sub-coastal forests, mountainous forests, savannah forest and savannah plains.

*To empower its members in every legitimate means to encourage and induce other organizations and individuals of
the private sector for funding to meet its aims.

*To become self-sustainable through projects to create different means of income

*To share scientific findings and information with international and national bodies.