FAQ – Butterfly Breeding Workshops

For Butterfly Breeding Workshops

1. How often do you hold workshops?

We present workshops wherever necessary and if and when there is a demand and a need.

2. If we wanted a workshop held in our area, how do we go about it?

Arranging a workshop is one of the best ways for any interested person wanting to get involved in and being part of the butterfly industry. I would suggest that you establish how many people you can get to attend the workshop, the costs involved and if you are satisfied, you can contact us on info@cbisa.co.za.

3. How much does it cost to arrange a workshop?

We are based in Ramsgate of KZN, which is 1 and a half hours from Durban along the South Coast. It would be from this point that I will make some calculations. Let us say you would like the workshop to take place in or around Pretoria. The petrol costs from Ramsgate to Pretoria differs but is usually around 1200 rand. The toll gate fares are usually around 600 rand. Accommodation is usually arranged with you beforehand. After the work shop it is the trip back from Pretoria to Ramsgate, another 1200 rand for petrol and tollgates would be around 600 rand again. Food and beverages are usually about 300 rand each way for our crew. This would make it around 5400 rand in costs. This is divided between those who will attend the workshop. If there are 20 people attendin, it would work out to be approximately 270 rand per head.

4. What will we see at the workshop?

At the workshop we will present the farming methods of butterflies as well as that for Butterfly Breeding Centres. We will also present the working of a Butterfly Sanctuary. We will show you the process from when the butterflies lay their eggs, right through their life cycle to when they are butterflies and ready for the market. The entire presentation will be shown live wherever possible.