FAQ – Butterfly Sanctuaries

For Butterfly Sanctuaries

1. What is a Butterfly Sanctuary?

A Butterfly Sanctuary is a tourist attraction and destination in which there are many facets: a Lepidome for butterflies, a craft shop, a wedding co-coordinating and bridal shop, a restaurant, a tea garden, a large indigenous nursery, a breeding room, a pupae room, a conference centre and shops to rent out, a river with coi fish, a volcano setting with an orchid house in the middle and plenty of parking.

2. How big is a Butterfly Sanctuary?

You would need an area of at least 1024sqm excluding the parking area.

3. How do I make money from a Butterfly Sanctuary?

Well, it is a complex of shops as answered in Question 1, so it stands to reason that your first income will be derived from the rentals charged per shop in the centre. Each shop is 12sqm, excluding the Conference centre that is 24sqm. There are 9 shops, excluding the lepidome, tea garden, large indigenous nursery, breeding room, pupae room and orchid house. The rental of the 9 shops alone would give you back your investment over three years.

4. How many feet would I expect to come through the Butterfly Sanctuary?

It is difficult to give exact figures, bearing in mind that this would be determined by the province and area in which the Butterfly Sanctuary is based. However, we can give a rough estimation from figures that we have had at the Ramsgate Butterfly Sanctuary between the periods of 2002 to 2008. On an average 148 couples per day excluding children, bus tours and pensioners.

5. What would it cost to build a Butterfly Sanctuary?

The cost of the Butterfly Sanctuary would vary from province to province. A cost factor to consider is the delivery of materials. The construction itself is approximately R1800 per sqm. This is excluding any vegetation, props or decor. Multiply this by 1024sqm as seen in the answer to question 2, giving you the sum of 1.84 million rand.

6. How long would it take to build such a Butterfly Sanctuary?

The development is estimated to take a period of between 8 to 15 months (depending on local municipality and weather conditions)

7. Who would build this Butterfly Sanctuary?

You could build it yourself which will save you quite alot of money or you can contract the South African Butterfly Breeding Association (SABBA) to build it for you. Info@cbisa.co.za

8. Where would be the best place to build a Butterfly Sanctuary?

The best location to build such a Butterfly Sanctuary would be about 30km outside of a city centre. A nice short drive from the city where people can come to relax and enjoy the day, as if going to a park where they can braai, but have some conveniences close by, along with an awesome nature experience.

9. As an interested person to own a Butterfly Sanctuary, what is the next step?

Contact our offices by completing and submitting the form on our Butterfly Sanctuaries page and make an arrangement for a proper presentation via email to  info@cbisa.co.za