How can you help a project like Mvutshini Valley

The Ramsgate Butterfly Valley

Mvutshini Valley(Place of the hippo)

“Butterflies have no boundaries and are free to go anywhere they please – Wherever there may be a host plant – eventually there will be the butterfly – who’s host plant it is”. Dr. DA Swanepoel 1969

Mvutshini Valley also known as The Butterfly Valley Conservancy

How Can You Help?

Anywhere in South Africa, where there is any form of land, being farmland; an empty stand nearby to where you live or any place where you go to visit on holiday or otherwise, is a potential property on which butterflies will fly and habitat. Many butterfly species have been discovered by the novice butterfly collector or photographer.

The best form of help that can be given to assist in our butterfly species protection is through being observant of the species found in your area. Wherever possible, take as many digital photos as you can and have them identified. These photos can be emailed to for identification. The photos and requested information received from you will form part of our large data bank of butterflies in South Africa. Here the Natural History Scientists can do their work. This would assist them greatly and any publication derived from these works will be accredited to those who have supported this huge endeavor.

Should one wish to become personally involved in the conservation of butterflies in a small way go to SABBA and take special note of the chapter “Bringing Butterflies to your Garden”. Under the title of ‘Host Plants’ you will find many pictures and butterfly life cycles available.