CBISA invites new individuals who come across this website to become members of this unique Non Profit Company (NPC). The offer is open to you to assist wherever you feel it is within your capability to do so. There is a membership fee of R50 per month. This membership fee allows you to take advantage of this website presented by CBISA, which covers a very wide spectrum of all the existing and future planned projects of CBISA, as well as allowing you some opportunity to become involved in them, should they be of interest to you. A monthly newsletter is automatically provided for your benefit.

Contact Details: Office: Cell: 074 422 5577

Confidential Application Form for Membership With Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) and South African Butterfly Breeding Association (SABBA):

    Membership fees of R 50.00 per month

    Please answer the following questions.

    1. Are you a member of any other conservation group or entity?


    3. Do you have any other conservational interests?


    5. Do you require a news update (by means of a newsletter) each month via email?


    6. In which province of SA are you based?

    7. Are you interested in being a member of the committee of CBISA/SABBA?

    8. Would you be interested in attending the AGM’s of CBISA/SABBA?

    9. Do you have any family, friends or acquaintances in or nearby Margate on the South Coast of KZN?


    • I the above mentioned do hereby apply for membership of Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) and South African Butterfly Breeding Association (SABBA)
    • I undertake to make the monthly R50 membership payments via EFT or cash deposit on or before the 2nd of each month
    • I further understand that should I miss any membership fee payment, that it would automatically be assumed that I, the above mentioned are no longer interested in being a member of CBISA or SABBA and would be removed as a member.
    • It is understood that my membership allows me the privilege of being kept up to date in the form of a monthly newsletter and will involve me in activities, should I so desire, in the interests of conserving our South African Butterflies.
    • Banking details for membership payments: Account name CBISA


    Bank: First National Bank

    Account number: 62115503519

    Branch code: 220128

    Reference: Member/your name