Other Butterfly species

Other Butterflies Species that are known to join into the excitement of the Migration

Official Number Scientific Name Common Name
No 1 Danuas (Anosia) chrysippus aegyptius African Monarch
No 5 Amauris (Amaura) ochlea ochlea Novice Friar
No 6 Amauris (Amaura) albimaculata albimaculata Layman Friar
No 7 Amauris (Amaura) echeria echeria Chief Friar
No 90 Bematistes aganice aganice Wanderer
No 110 Hyalitea (Hyalites) eponina Dancing Acraea
No 112 Hyalitea (Hyalites) cabira Yellow Banded Acraea
No 113 Hyalitea (Hyalites) esebria esebria Dusky Acraea
No 115 Hyalitea (Hyalites) encedon encedon Common Mimic Acraea
No 117 Acraea (Stephenia) natalica natalica Natal Acraea
No 122 Acraea (Stephenia) oncaea Widow Acraea
No 136 Acraea (Rubraea) petraea Buettner’s Acraea
No 213 Byblia ilithyia ilithyia Spotted Joker
No 219 Hypolimnas misippus Common Diadem
No 220 Hypolimnas deceptor deceptor Deceptive Diadem
No 221 Hypolimnas wahlbergi Variable Diadem
No 222 Protogoniommorpha parhassus Common Mother of Pearl
No 657 Pinacopteryx eriphia eriphia Zebra White
No 658 Colotis electo electo African Clouded Yellow
No 659 Catopsilia florella African Migrant
No 665 Eronia cleodora cleodora Vine-leaf Vagrant
No 666 Eronia leada Autumn-leaf Vagrant
No 679 Colotis (Colotis) auxo auxo Sulphur Orange Tip
No 682 Colotis (Colotis) evippe omphale Smoky Orange Tip
No 689 Belenois (Belenois) thysa thysa False Dotted Border
No 690 Belenois (Belenois) zochalia zochalia Forest White
No 692 Belenois (Anaphaeis) creona severina African Common White
No 693 Belenois (Anaphaeis) gidica African-veined White
No 701 Pontia (pontia) helice helice Meadow White
No 711 Papilio dardanus cenea Mocker Swallowtail
No 715 Papilio demodocus demodocus Citrus Swallowtail

Note: these are not migrant butterfly species, but they have been seen and recorded to migrate for short distances along with our migrant butterfly.

What to do when you first witness the migration taking place? Feel free to contact us whenever you do have the opportunity of witnessing this remarkable event. The information you have supplied will help us greatly to see whether the numbers of our migratory butterflies are dwindling or increasing. It also educates us as to which other flight paths they create for the future. Please contact us on info@cbisa.co.za. Thank you