Vashti a new specie

Eurytela Vashti… A New Specie?

Is the Ramsgate Piper a NEW Species?
It is of the opinion from several experts that it definitely is a new species. On the other hand it is the opinion of others that it could be, but they are too afraid to make the commitment due to there being so few specimens for examination. So scientifically, the butterfly remains undecided as a new species or a form. However, for the sake of this unusual and extremely rare butterfly it will remain a form of Eurytela hiarbas angustata f. Vashti. E. hiarbas angustata f. Vashti has been described in 2010 by Earnest Pringle and recorded in the Metamorphosis – Journal of the Lepidopterist Society of Africa Volume 21, Number 4, December 2010 on Page 169 – 172 with plate on the centre insert of the book.

Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa Research Material. (30th November 2002, by Earle Whiteley). Updated 2017.


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